For Today (kinda) take down a drug cartel

Posted by on December 28, 2015

If you like drugs and hate Christian metalcore, this next story is going to hurt. For everyone else, it’s a pretty cool story. For Today had a lot of their gear stolen a few years back. Most of the time when gear’s stolen, it’s not recovered, and the whole thing is a bummer. If you’re wondering what kind of people would be despicable enough to rob a band of their tools in trade, if you’re thinking drugs might be involved, that was the case with their theft. In an interview with Revolver, Mattie Montgomery shares the details:

“We were on tour and our trailer with all our gear was stolen. Eventually a kid sent us an email saying, “Hey, if I know where you stuff is can you give me a reward?” We were thinking, “How about the reward is just not being a douche?” [laughs] But anyway, our manager gets in touch with the kid and he tells us he saw his dad and his uncle unloading all this gear from the back of a trailer into a storage shed behind his house.

He gives us the address, we give it to the police. A few days later, a few of the guys in the band wind up staking out the house, and all of a sudden there’s a bunch of cop cars, a SWAT team, a helicopter hovering above. They raided the house and found a bunch of weapons and bricks of cocaine.

We got maybe a third of our gear back. Afterward the police told us they had been trying to get into the neighborhood to crack this drug ring for a long time. They said, “We weren’t able to do it until you guys came and broke the whole thing open.”

So I don’t know that we took down a cartel…but I do know we at least messed it up.”

At least the band got some of their gear back. And some kid turned his dad and uncle in. That’s a pretty inspirational tale.

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