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Posted by on July 23, 2015

We’re aware that the Aftershock Festival in October could be the last Faith No More show to happen for quite a while. The band put out an album, Sol Invictus, that was pretty warmly received by everyone. They did a short undersell tour as their album came out, then another longer one that lasterd for about a month. This weekend, they kick off another 11 date tour, then play a few festivals, ending on October 25th at Aftershock. But in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, of all places, singer Mike Patton admits that there’s more material that didn’t make the album, so there may be more music coming from the band in the future:

That doesn’t mean Faith No More won’t follow up “Sol Invictus” with a new album or even more tours down the line. Patton said it is possible because a lot of material didn’t make the most recent record, and Gould said he hopes Faith No More’s newfound productivity will continue. Before that, though, Gould said the band will “do what’s best for everybody” and decide what’s next in October, when they are set to play the Monster Energy Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, Calif.

The wait-and-see approach works for Patton, too, and it is probably the key to why Faith No More has gotten back together in such a big, remarkably sustained way. “The one constant has been, and it’s a comforting constant: let’s not plan too far ahead, let’s not make any commitments that are going to compromise us in the future,” the singer said. “Hey, let’s take it step by step, and we’ll see how we feel after this year of touring. God only knows.”

So here’s hoping the next 11 shows or so go great and they finish out the Aftershock Festival on an up note. The band appears to have gotten to a point in their lives and career where they’re getting along, not too stressed, and not too overworked. Patton says that the time off between the last tour, which ended last month, and the new one allowed him to “do some dishes, pay some bills, exciting shit like that,” while bassist Billy Gould spent five days in Copenhagen following their tour wrapping up in Denmark. Hopefully they’re in a good headspace and it’s not another 18 years before we get another Faith No More album.

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