Evil Invaders detained in Chicago, sent back to Belgium

Posted by on May 9, 2017

Belgium quartet Evil Invaders were pretty psyched. The band were set to perform at their US show ever, at ametal festival in Milwaukee back in April, and flew over to play it. They landed in Chicago, half of the band proceeded through customs, and they got ready to drive to Milwaukee. However, one of the two band members not already with them was held back by customs. The reason? Because the festival had sold tickets, and the band didn’t have work permits, they couldn’t perform. However, the band hadn’t expected on making any money from playing the show and had said as much.

They were jailed for nearly a full day before being sent back home. The band told their story in a Facebook post, and seem to have a good sense of humor about the whole thing. Hopefully their story will be enough for concert promoters to know that the band wants to tour the States again. At least it’s not just Loudness that aren’t able to tour the States, and hey, maybe they could have chosen a less intimidating band name if they thought they’d be touring a lot of different countries…


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