Entheos-The-Infinite-Nothing-Hi-ResWould you go see an instrumental-only metal band? If you have tickets to see Entheos in Canada, you already are. Frontwoman Chaney Crabb was denied entry to the border at Niagra Falls earlier this week because of a DUI she received in 2008. She released a statement, apologizing for her absence and explaining the situtation:

“, due to a DUI I received in 2008, I was denied entry to Canada at the Niagara Falls border early this morning. I have taken several steps to expunge this from my record but was unable to finish the process before we left for this tour. Because several people I know with greater charges have been allowed to apply for TRP at the border and crossed with a simple fee, I decided to take my chances and show up with my prepared paperwork, but was ultimately denied entry.

I am deeply saddened and will continue to work to overcome my mistake. With that being said, go catch instrumental Entheos sets tonight in Toronto and tomorrow in Montreal! I wish I could be there and will be seeing our Canadian friends sooner than later. Much love.”

Don’t worry, Crabb will be back on tour April 14th in Massachusetts, and given the awesome resumes of the other band members, seeing them play instrumentally will be pretty amazing.

via [The PRP]