Converge In Van Crash

Posted by on October 24, 2012

Forget all the normal stuff you hear about how tough it is to be a musician – the improbably small chance of “making it” (whatever that means), playing for small crowds of disinterested people, making fractions of pennies for getting streamed on Spotify, and late night drug parties with Vince Neil. A much more present danger of being a touring musician is all the travel. Baroness is a prime example of that, and more recently, Periphery and Shadows Fall’s buses have caught fire. Now you can add Converge to the list of musicians that have had travel mishaps.

Thankfully, no one was injured when their bus hit a patch of black ice in Oregon. We’ll let Jacob Bannon’s Instagram take it away:

After driving all day/evening, we hit a patch of black ice in the mountains of Oregon. We were forced to turn into a highway divider at 40mph in order to avoid sliding under a slew of 18 wheelers. The van spun 180 degrees after impact, and we were left facing the wrong direction on the highway. We spent a few hours prying our bumper off our front wheels. Thankfully, we are rolling again. Bands, be safe put there. Never take anything for granted.

If there’s one band that’s probably seen it all, it’s Converge. We’re glad they came out on the other side with nothing more than an injured bumper. Ironically, it might have been way worse if they were in a tour bus that slid on black ice, so props to Converge for keeping it real.

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