13 injured after The Dillinger Escape Plan’s bus hit by truck [UPDATED]

Posted by on February 12, 2017


Currently in Poland on their farewell tour, The Dillinger Escape Plan’s tour bus has been hit by a truck, and 13 people have been taken to a hospital. Apparently, no one in the band was seriously injured. The band were on their way to play a show in Krakow, Poland when the crash occurred. That show, scheduled to have taken place tonight, has been canceled as a result of the accident.

A spokesperson for Radomsko Police, Aneta Wlazlowska, told ITV that the tour bus was parked partially on the road and a shoulder, and that the most injured person was the truck driver. The band have been taken to the hospital for further tests, and one of the people traveling with the band was a pregnant woman. The band’s next scheduled show is Leipzig, German on Tuesday. This is a developing story that we’ll update as we hear more.

Update: Metal Injection spoke to Benjamin Weinman, who provided the above photo. He told them “everyone is alive, a few injuries, but it could be much worse.” He says the bus was hit from the back, so the trailer carrying their gear was hit first. While it looks like they might be out some gear, judging from the picture, it would’ve been catastrophic if there wasn’t a trailer full of gear between the truck and the band. 

Update2: Here’s a shot of the bus/trailer from Polish news outlet RMF24:


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