Tour Diary: Nekrogoblikon’s goblin checks in from the UK

Posted by on February 17, 2014

Nekrogoblikon is currently in the UK touring with Limp Bizkit. So we decided to ask our favorite metal goblin, John Goblikon, to share all the craziness that’s happened thus far in an exclusive tour diary. 


Hello there, it’s me John Goblikon the official lead dancer of Nekrogolikon. I’m writing this on the Internet device given to me by our manager “McDuck.” I’m supposed to “blog” but I’m not sure what that is, so instead I’m going to write a few well organized paragraphs expressing my thoughts, kind of like a journal but on the World Wide Web!

We are here in the UK on the Kerrang tour with none other then Limp Bizkit! Me and Fred Durst are already best buds, though I wont talk to their guitar player Wes… too weird for me. My initial thoughts… The fans rock, though some have goblin teeth and talk like they’re in Game of Thrones. Which by the way, if Khalessi the Dragon lady lives here, I would love to uh… Have her come to the show and uh… Show her why goblins are better then dragons.

Week 1 we played Cardiff, which was one heck of a kick off show! Limp Bizkit is back and better than ever! They keep it rollin, while breaking stuff and pulling in all kinds of nookie! Of course Nekrogoblikon also brought the POWER! Next was Liverpool, which I’m surprised has music because in pretty sure no band of note has ever come from Liverpool! We actually had a few technical difficulties on that show because I may or may not have gotten hungry and ate the drummer’s iPod. Whoops. YOLO?  Then we took a fairy to Dublin, Ireland where we met up with our buddies in Baby Godzilla (another band on this sweet tour) and they got me goblin wasted on Guinness and Jameson and self pity! A great time and an even better show followed. Lots of ladies = a happy John.

I am getting a little homesick because its hard to find yummy skin sandwiches out here as well as my girlfriend Kayden Kross… If she denies that she’s my girlfriend, don’t worry, that’s just a little game we play where she pretends to be in love with Brad and not me. Which brings me to my next point, FUCK BRAD!!!

Where was I? Oh good we’ve arrived at our next venue! Good! I had some Mediterranean food that is ready to kabob out my butt! Ill talk to ya guys soon! Follow day to day goblin activities on the tweets @JohnGoblikon. Cheers matie! Ahoy! (See how quickly I picked up British speak?!?)

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