Disparager tour diary: Installment 1

Posted by on January 18, 2016

Brooklyn hardcore band Disparager are currently touring in support of their EP, Timeless, Ageless. Singer/guitarist Chris AhKao is contributing a tour diary. They’re playing tonight in Asheville at The Mothlight and tomorrow (19) at The Golden Pony in Harrisonburg, VA. 

“It’s funny how you can be 30 years old and this is still cool,” says my bass player Collin, drenched in sweat, sipping a beer, smiling to himself.  I’m 29 myself, and I haven’t been on the road in years.  I wasn’t sure Disparager would actually ever hit the road, which makes it all the more sweeter that we are.

The Norfolk Taphouse staff have treated us as their family since we stepped into their establishment, and Ally would even let us crash on her living room floor.  Alas between the beautiful smell of cigarette ashes, puppy dogs and dirty unwashed flesh we would find  rest for the night.  The world is full of wonderful people, if you care to look.  Norfolk VA will hold a special place in my heart.

I wasn’t sure if I’d ever tour again, but hey, here I am.  Soon enough we’d  leave this venue, and this amazing group of people and musicians behind, and resume paying our dues to endless white lines. Next time I drive I play some Modern Life is War I think. The road may bring us to the worst times of our lives, or crippling defeat, or beyond, but somehow I doubt it.  The past ain’t too much to dwell on anyways. Not in my movie anyways, I imagine not in yours either.
I am grateful to the community of people we have met tonight in VA, last night in Philly.  I felt good.  I felt home.  Maybe home is nowhere.  Give me the road, give me your ears, give me your heart, if you are daring enough to let go.

We have heard some great bands on this tour.  The essence of music is beautiful in that a song can lift your burdens, even if for a moment.  A pessimist will say, to you face and without remorse, “who cares about only one moment in a lifetime, about one drop in the rain, about one moment, about one white line in the road.”  Well I say to you, the thing about life is, it’s all moments. It’s.  Only.  Ever.  Been. About. Moments.

I never thought I’d hit the road again, but I am.  Adversity makes the lesson all the more clear.  Love this life fiercely, and play from your fucking heart.  Bring me the road.  Disparager stills longs for all those lines.
“Til next time,
Chris AhKao”

[Photo: Ally Wilson]


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