Tool guitarist becomes husband, will become father

Posted by on August 30, 2013

adamjonesTool guitarist Adam Jones got married last month and is now expecting his first child with wife, Korin. The couple was married in July but the news wasn’t made public until Wednesday night when a photo of the couple was posted on Jones’ Facebook page with the caption “Mrs. Jones <3 July 6th, 2013.”

The couple also revealed the news of their first child via Korin’s Instagram account with a picture of a baby bump and the caption, “#bumpwatch.”

Jones had a pretty unique proposal as well. He proposed to Korin in January at WWE’s pay per view event, Royal Rumble. A known wrestling fan, Jones shocked his girlfriend at the time with the sudden proposal. Fast forward eight months later and now they are married with a child on the way.

As for Tool, Jones recently told The Pulse of Radio,

“We write this song, and then we write the next song — we don’t really, like, you know, go, ‘Okay, well, now we’re gonna write the radio song,’ or ‘Now, we’re gonna write this song.’ You know, we just write and then put ’em in an order that we like after we’ve recorded them and then get a feeling from all the songs in the group and then try to attack the propaganda of selling the record.”

Whether it’s a new Tool record or putting their first child in Kindergarten, we wish Adam and Korin the best of luck in their lives together.

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