Metal Insider contributor Anthony Maisano is listening to a different metal album that was released on that day every day this year. 31 years ago today, Iron Maiden released one of their most successful albums of all time,
Piece of Mind.

Another Maiden classic, and the sequel to their landmark Number of the Beast. Overall, I think it’s an average Maiden album. It’s a good album, but I don’t think it’s their strongest work either. This was the first album Nicko McBrain was on, and he really keeps the energy up that the late, great Clive Burr started. I love both of them, and Nicko is an incredibly busy player. Just listen to “Where Eagles Dare” if you want to hear some great drumming. Of course, I almost feel I don’t even need to mention “The Trooper.” It has one of the most memorable metal riffs of all time, and is arguably one of the most memorable TRACKS of all time. The good tracks on this album are just killer, and really hold up. Overall, the album has an entirely different kind of energy than Number had.

I just don’t find the tracks on this album really sticking in my mind. None of them have that ability that makes me go “oh yeah” when I hear them. There are plenty of tracks like “Still Life” that I think are fine tunes, but they never leave a lasting impact on me. This is an album with a bunch of tracks that I enjoy, but only a small few that I absolutely love.

Favorite Tracks: “Where Eagles Dare,” “The Trooper,” “Flight of Icarus.”

Of course this is an album you should listen to if you haven’t already. While I don’t think it’s one of the best, it’s still a classic Maiden album, and established some really big things for metal in general. The Maiden feeling and intensity is there in spades on this album, and even if it isn’t my favorite, certainly doesn’t disappoint.

[ed. note: I disagree – this is one of my favorite Maiden albums. – Bram]