Today in Metal: ‘Die Healing’ by Saint Vitus turns 19 years old.

Posted by on May 9, 2014


Metal Insider contributor Anthony Maisano is listening to a different metal album that was released on that day every day this year. One of the originators of doom metal, Saint Vitus, released their album Die Healing 19 years ago today.

This was the last album by one of originators of doom before they split for over 15 years. The vocals are dramatic, and filled with emotion. The riffs are sludgy and heavy, and, like most doom metal riffs, are just great. The album trudges along like a heavy beast. The spirit remains throughout the album, and keeps the listener in the heavy mood the whole way through. The bass work is also fantastic all across the album: especially in songs like “Sloth.”

The album is a bit too Sabbathy for my taste. The tone, the way the riffs are played, everything reminds me of the first three Sabbath albums. I mean, for the track “Just Another Notch,” all you need in that intro is a call of “I AM IRON MAN” and there you go. Of course, all Doom metal calls back to Sabbath in some form, but this album seems to be trying to BE Sabbath in some sense, rather just taking inspiration from them. It also doesn’t really have the energy I’m looking for. It seems tired, in my opinion, and it could have used more of a punch.

Favorite Tracks: “Trail of Pestilence,” “Return of the Zombie,” “One Mind.”

This is a solid release from one of the founders of doom. While I do believe it could have used its own identity a little bit more than it has on the album, it has a solid feel, and really brings the doom home. If you’re a fan of doom, especially the more sludgy, straightforward doom, you’ll really enjoy this album. I think there’s better, but that doesn’t make this album bad at all.

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