Today in Metal: ‘Cause of Death’ by Obituary turns 24 years old

Posted by on September 19, 2014


Metal Insider contributor Anthony Maisano is listening to a different metal album that was released on that day every day.

This is another legendary death metal album. This is an album that helped pave the way for SO much in the genre. These guys took gore lyrics up to an entire new level, and they made an album that was equally intense, and spooky. The pacing on this album is really spectacular to me. The band knew when to be slower, and atmospheric to build up, and when to explode with speed and raw impressiveness. John Tardy has a very distinct ‘vomit’ approach to his vocals, which only add atmospherically to an already impressive album. The riffs across the album just absolutely go without saying. This is just death metal done right.

I have always said this about this album. I believe John Tardy sounds WAAAAAY too similar to Chuck Schuldiner. He really sounds like a vomity Chuck, to me. Besides that, I feel like his vocals are too loud. Either that, or the guitars are too low. I want the guitar to be louder so I can hear them more clearly over the vocals.

Favorite Tracks: “Dying,” “Chopped in Half,” “Infected.”

For no other reason, this is an album you should be checking out because of what it did for death metal, in general. Everyone at all interested in death metal should listen to this album at least once. It’s an album that built so much of what came after it, and there are so many things that it does right. It’s not one of my favorite albums, but I always enjoy giving it another listen after time has passed. Make sure to pick this one up!

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