Today in Metal: ‘Age of the Joker’ by Edguy turns three years old

Posted by on August 26, 2014


Metal Insider contributor Anthony Maisano is listening to a different metal album that was released on that day every day this year. Three years ago today, Edguy released their second-to-most recent album, Age of the Joker.

This is easily my favorite Edguy album. I know, shocking. It’s not a popular one. Most of the reason behind this comes from the fact that the choruses across the album are fucking awesome. Almost every single song on this album has some really powerful power metal choruses that you can shout and really get behind. They’ll get stuck in your head for quite a while. The album also has plenty of great riffs, like on “Behind the Gates to Midnight World,” and “Faces in the Darkness.” You can also expect plenty of Tobias Sammet’s trademark humor, especially in “Two Out of Seven.”

Power metal, and Edguy fans will quickly notice that this isn’t a fast album at all. There are only a few moments on this album where the band kicks it into high gear and goes at traditional power metal speed, and even when they do, it’s still not all that fast compared to their earlier work. It’s a softer album, with more of a focus on choruses and slower paced riffs, rather than crazy fast ones like before. There’s very little that is ‘by-the-book’ power metal here. It’s a great album, but in a totally different light than before.

Favorite Tracks: “Behind the Gates to Midnight World,” “Rock of Cashel,” “Two Out of Seven,” “Robin Hood,” “Faces in the Darkness,” “The Arcane Guild.”

I pretty much summed it up above. If you’re a power metal fan that needs fast songs, you probably will find this one dull, but if you’re looking for slower riffs, and some really, really strong choruses, this one is for you. I believe, while not traditional, it’s one of the strongest in Edguy’s entire catalog. If you like power metal, this is an album I strongly recommend.

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