Today in Metal: ‘Act III’ by Death Angel turns 24 years old

Posted by on April 10, 2014


Metal Insider contributor Anthony Maisano is listening to a different metal album that was released on that day every day this year. Today, it’s thrashers Death Angel with their 1990 album  Act III.

This is a straightforward, but absolutely kick ass thrash album. It has some of the best riffs I can recall in a while. They have such an awesome flow to them. They’re relentless, and every song is just packed to the brim with riffs. I love the drummer’s snare drum sound, too. It’s clear, and very natural sounding. “Discontinued” has a great showcase of drum and bass work. The singer is unique from most thrash singers I hear, too. His voice is actually pretty high pitched, and almost more akin to a traditional or speed metal singer. It’s more refreshing than the common thrash gruff that has become a staple. “Disturbing the Peace” is a good, but more traditional thrash track.

The song “Veil of Deception” is a pointless pop-like acoustic track that does nothing but slow the album down. It’s the third track too, so it’s very jarring to hear after two hard-hitting thrash tracks. If it was lower on the album, it might be more excusable, but the fact that it’s one of the first things there, it’s so jarring. “A Room With a View” is a similar track that also adds little to the album, and slows it down. The choruses on this album are the low points. There’s absolutely nothing memorable in that sense. In general, the lyrics and melodies are completely forgettable, but this is balanced by the fact that the riffs are so awesome.

Favorite Tracks “Discontinued,” “Falling Asleep,” “Stagnant.”

This album gets an A for riffs, but a D for structure and melodies. It’s a good thrash release with awesome riffs, and unique vocals. If those are the most important things for you in your thrash, then you’ll love this album. However, if you’re someone who likes more interesting songs structure, or melodies, you’ll be sadly disappointed. In any case, it’s worth a listen. I think there are a lot of people that could really get into this album.


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