Deicide’s Glen Benton Calls Dave Mustaine A “Prolapsed Rectum”

Posted by on April 9, 2012

Recently, GWAR’s Oderus Urungus shared his thoughts on Dave Mustaine and his conservative  comments and beliefs. And last Friday, we found out what Deicide’s Glen Benton thinks of the Megadeth frontman.

In an interview with Metal Sucks, the Deicide frontman shared a few thoughts on politics before Mustaine’s name popped up. When asked what he thought about Mustaine’s political views as of late, Benton replied:

“He’s a prolapsed rectum. One minute you’re in, the next you’re out. Let’s just say prolapsed rectum.”

Before anyone thinks that this is yet another case of Mustaine getting bashed by liberal artists, Benton isn’t that fond of President Obama either. In fact, we were surprised to learn that the Deicide frontman once voted for Ronald Regan and George Bush. Although, it doesn’t seem like Benton is all that fond of today’s politicians in general, saying:

“The people we have running for president are nothing more than talk shows hosts. It’s a farce, an absolute joke. There’s no one with any sincerity, no one real. I want to see a real person run for president. I want a real person with real person problems running for president. Some rich guy with rich guy problems, they think us schmucks at the bottom don’t mean shit.”

You can read the rest of Benton’s interview, where he also talks about playing with guitarist Jack Owens and clarifies the “Bigfoot” story, over at Metal Sucks.

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