In the early ’90s, members of the Norwegian black metal scene burned at least 50 churches in Norway. It was a watershed moment in the history of the genre. While it wasn’t confirmed 100%, Burzum’s Varg Vikernes was believed to have burned the first church in 1992, with other artists in the Norwegian black metal scene taking credit for some of them as anti-Christian sentiment. The wave of church burnings stopped around 1996. Why are we rehashing ancient history? Well, yesterday in Delaware, three churches were set on fire during a four hour period, with one burning to the ground.

No one has claimed responsibility for the church burnings yet, but considering that they all happened relatively close to each other, near Felton, Delaware, it can be assumed that the three are related.  Healing Hands church was burned to the ground, while the other two churches suffered interior damage. It would be irresponsible to directly link the church burnings to black metal, but there’s almost undoubtedly an anti-Christian element to anyone that would attempt to burn three churches. While hopefully the persons behind the arson and their motives will come to light, Healing Hands Pastor Wilbert Moorer is moving on and says he’ll rebuild:

Whoever is responsible for the fire, they’re forgiven, he said.

“They can burn my building,” Moorer said. “I just feel bad for them.”

He said the whole incident reminded him of Job.

“The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord,” Moorer said, recounting a biblical verse.

For his part, Moorer said the destruction of his church will not defeat him. He will rebuild and be even stronger than before, he added. Officials estimated about $75,000 in damage.

“[There were] a lot of things in the church. We lost those things,” he said. “We’re still here, and I told the devil, ‘Well, devil, you knocked me down, but the fight is not over because I’ll get up.’