The Faceless Are Rideless; Forced To Miss Next Few Shows

Posted by on April 25, 2013

Excited to see The Faceless open for The Dillinger Escape Plan in Buffalo, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia? Well, not so fast. The group’s vehicle broke down and has left them stuck outside of Amarillo, Texas. With no vehicle to get them back on the road, The Faceless has been forced to miss a few shows.

The Faceless guitarist Michael Keene issued the following explanation and apology:

“For the past few days we’ve been stuck in the middle of nowhere outside of Amarillo, Texas due to a vehicle break down. The repairs took much longer than anticipated and we never expected to be stuck here this long.

We will be missing tonight’s show in Buffalo, tomorrow in Pittsburgh and most likely the Philadelphia show. We’re very sorry to all the people that wanted to come see us, but this is unfortunately a circumstance beyond our control.”

It’s always a shame to see a band unable to tour due to problems that arise from vans/buses (just ask Jeff Loomis). Here’s hoping that The Faceless can rejoin the tour in time for the free Brooklyn show on Saturday (April 27).

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