PIAS/Sony UK Warehouse Significantly Damaged By Rioters

Posted by on August 9, 2011


As the UK riots enter their fourth day, the music industry has suddenly found itself a target.  A North London warehouse holding large amounts of record stock for multiple independent labels in the UK, as well as Sony, burned to the ground yesterday.  The state of independent record labels has been precarious enough here and abroad that it’s pretty heartbreaking to see hundreds of thousands of CDs burn to the ground. In addition to Sony, the three-story complex had stock from well over 100 smaller labels, including Nuclear Blast, Basick and Victory (click here for a list of all the labels). The report says that about 20 looters broke in and after stealing CDs and some Wii consoles (at a building housing Sony stock?), set fire to the massive complex. It’s not known how much damage was done, but from the looks of it, the whole complex was pretty engulfed in flames.

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