Juggalo Gets Stabbed For Refusing To Be Vampire Food

Posted by on October 8, 2010

I guess there really are vampires everywhere! According to The Smoking Gun, 25 year-old juggalo Robert Maley was stabbed after refusing to let his roommates suck his blood again. Yes, again. He told policemen that his roommates, Aaron Homer and Amanda Williamson, were “into paganism and vampires,” and he’d let them suck his blood once before. After refusing to let them do it again, he was stabbed in the arm by Homer. When police arrived, Williamson said she stabbed him in self defense, but during questioning, Homer admitted he stabbed the juggalo, claiming that he’d been making fun of their religion. Poor Maley. Not only is he horrible at applying clown makeup (that’s him up there, from his MySpace page), but his dumb roommates that watched True Blood too much decided to use him as a pincushion. He listed his hobbies as “knives, guns and weed” on his MySpace profile. I’ll bet he’s not as excited about knives any more.


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