High On Fire’s Matt Pike Searching For Missing Guitar

Posted by on August 30, 2012

We’re sure this isn’t how Matt Pike wanted to kick off his first week out of rehab. Last night, High On Fire alerted fans that one of Pike’s prized guitars (believed to be the one seen in the picture off to the side) has gone missing.

High On Fire posted the following message on Facebook:

“Matt Pike’s Les Paul guitar has gone missing from a Santa Rosa studio. The color is Tobacco Sunburst and has Matt Pike signature pickups, and the case has PIKE written on it in large white letters. If you have any information on the guitar, please contact info@thersegroup.com.”

Though they use the term “gone missing,” it seems like a more cautious way of saying that the guitar was stolen. Either way, here’s hoping that Pike will be able to retrieve his guitar soon. And by all means, definitely contact info@thersegroup.com if you have any information on the guitar.

[picture via Lambgoat]

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