Ozzy Osbourne is a cartoon – literally

Posted by on June 18, 2014

Remember that show when Ozzy Osbourne was a cartoon? A caricature where he spouted off nonsensical phrases and bumbled around? That show was called The Osbournes, and it brought the Prince of Darkness to an entirely new generation of people that might not have known him from Sabbath or his solo career. It appears that’s about to happen again. Ozzy will be appearing on animated children’s show Bubble Guppies, currently in its third year, and he’ll be voicing a bad guy, Sid Fishy. It seems like it’s a role tailor-made for him, as he’s described as “a rock and roll fish who loves being rotten.” Osbourne tells Rolling Stone that he liked the character because “I’ve always smelled a bit fishy.”

In the episode, Fishy, who appears to be modeled after the Sex Pistols’ Sid Vicious, appears to be pretty punk rock, and has “slime spray to wreak havoc on unsuspecting guppies.” A spokesperson for the show says “The green liquid is Sid Fishy’s ‘stink sauce’ made up of different smells such as stinky socks and rotten eggs. He wants to use the stink sauce to cover Big Bubble City and all its citizens to make them stinky.” Hmm… Ozzy spraying those around him? Seems like there might be a precedent for that. Ozzy says that he did the role for his two year-old granddaughter Pearl. “She has Nick Jr. on 24/7,” he told the magazine. “I can’t wait to see her reaction when she hears my voice come from Sid Fishy’s mouth.”


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