Ulrich Join or DieEach week on the History Channel, comedian Craig Ferguson debates history related topics (like “History’s Biggest Political Blunder” or “History’s Most Doomed Presidential Campaign”) with a panel of three experts/celebrities/comedians on his show Join Or Die. The topic of last night’s episode was “History’s Most Influential Band”, and featured on the panel was none other than Lars Ulrich.

The Metallica drummer debated who was the most influential metal band with Ferguson, comedian Tom Papa and music critic Alan Light. Among the bands that the panel discussed were Black Sabbath, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Ramones, Nirvana, and Run DMC. The Beatles ultimately won the debate, while Sabbath was eliminated early on (while Ulrich tried to defend Sabbath’s rightful place on the list, the rest of the panel was quick to give them the boot).

Sure, the debate is kind of predictable, but nevertheless very fun to watch. A highlight was Ulrich admitting that The Beatles accomplished more in the span of time that it’s taken Metallica to record a follow up to 2008’s Death Magnetic (Ulrich promised Ferguson and panel that he was heading straight back to the studio following the taping…ssuurree).

The episode of Join Or Die with Craig Ferguson that Ulrich appears on can be seen in its entirety for a brief time online. However, highlights of the episode can be seen below.