Live from New York, it’s… Metallica and Ghost?

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We’re not sure how the booking for Saturday Night Live works, but we’re sure they’ve already booked half the musical guests already. Justin Timberlake will probably be on there, Lady Gaga has a new album coming out, so it’s not a stretch to imagine her on this season, and Kanye West will probably pop up again, too. There haven’t really been too many heavier bands making their way onto the show over the years. However, on Wednesday, the show tweeted out a call for musical guests for their 42nd season, and a few bands took the bait, with Metallica and Ghost responding via Twitter.

With Hardwired to Self Destruct coming out in November, it totally makes sense that Metallica would appear on the show. Given the “we’re so fucked, shit out of luck” chorus, it might be hard for them to play the album’s title track. But with the rest of the double album to choose from, maybe they could even premiere a song from it before the album’s out. It would, as the band noted, be their second appearance on the show, having appeared on it in 1997 when they played “Fuel” and “The Memory Remains.” Apparently, the band were supposed to first appear on SNL in 1987, but Hetfield broke his wrist skateboarding.

Meanwhile, Ghost posted a message on their Facebook page asking their fans to campaign for them to appear on the show. They’ve already got one late night performance under their belts, when they appeared on Late Show With Stephen Colbert, it was for Halloween. Given that they’ve won a Grammy since then, and their dramatic visual appearance makes them a natural for late night TV, you’d think they would be a lock for an episode to air around Halloween. Then again, they’ll be playing in San Antonio on October 28th, which would be when that episode happens, so maybe not. At any rate, it would be refreshing to have a heavier band or two on SNL, but we’ll have to wait to find out who, if anyone, that band is.

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