Photo: Random & Mitchell

We were just closing down shop for the weekend at Metal Insider when we got some late breaking news that is a phenomenal way to kick off your Friday afternoon/night – Mike Patton will be singing the National Anthem at tomorrow’s Rams/Cowboys NFC finals game! The Faith No More/Dead Cross/Tomahawk/everything-else-cool vocalist has one of the most diverse voices in music, and to hear him what we’re assuming will be straight up singing the National Anthem in front of a nationwide audience at a Los Angeles football stadium is one of the most unpredictable National Anthem performances that’s taken place in years. Will he take a knee while singing? Do the last half with the microphone in his mouth? Who knows?! The game itself is going to be a good one as well, but even if you’re not a football fan, this isn’t something to be missed. The game starts at 8:15 EST tomorrow, so you might want to tune into Fox a little earlier. We know we will be!