Treme is an HBO drama that chronicles the stories of New Orleans residents as they try to rebuild their lives following Hurricane Katrina. That’s why it’s fitting and pretty ballsy for such show to feature a cameo by Eyehategod.

Indeed it’s true, as Eyehategod have confirmed that they will be appearing on a future episode of Treme. In the image they posted via Facebook this past weekend, Eyehategod further extended an invite to fans to join them as paid extras. All fans have to do is email a photo and contact information to (with the subject heading “Eyehategod”).

At first, it might sound a little odd to hear that the Nola sludge metal band will be appearing on any TV show (even the genre-pushing HBO). However, not only have Eyehategod called New Orleans their home since forming, but frontman Mike Williams also went through his own horrors during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Thus, it’s rather fitting that Eyehategod take part in Treme.

It’s unclear as to how Eyehategod and their fans will be featured in the show, nor is it known as to when the episode will air. The third season of Treme, though, will premiere this coming Fall.