Big Brother’s Adam Poch On Jenn Arroyo – Week 8

Posted by on September 6, 2012

Adam Poch, Big Brother 13′s “Heavy Metal Teddy Bear” and known metalhead, will be recapping the week in Big Brother 14′s current season for as long as former Kittie bassist Jenn Arroyo remains on the show. As long as Jenn’s in the game, Adam will weigh in. You can also follow him on Twitter at @heavymetalteddy.



(in my best Julie Chen voice) In less than 2 weeks Big Brother will be crowning a new champion – and Jenn Arroyo is still in the hunt for the half million dollars – welcome to another episode of Biiiiiiig Brother!


(now in my best announcers voice) – previously on Big Brother….


(ok back to my own voice) Last week we saw our metal goddess Jenn make a big move in the game by going on slop for the rest of the summer to show she was working with Frank – and to keep the nominations the same. But after Dan used his patented mist to fool Frank, Jenn made another big move, but this may not have helped her. She kept Dan safe by removing him from the block and help send Brit out the door. Jenn failed to win the next Head of Household competition, and Ian – her ex-teammate now enemy did – putting a target on her back. Brit was Ian’s closest ally – so Jenn helping to get rid of her came back to bite her on the ass as Ian nominated her & Frank for eviction. She still had the chance to play for the Power of Veto – which was OTEV the Absent Minded Alien. Jenn did pretty well – but 3rd place was not good enough as she had to sit back and watch the last round between Frank & Dan. Jenn was hoping Dan won so he could return the favor of removing her from the block, and even Frank was cool with that scenario too. He still thinks he is in a 4 person alliance with Dan, Danielle, and Jenn – so this was a perfect scenario. Dan would win the Veto – remove Jenn, and Ian would be forced to replace her with Joe (since he made a deal during the HoH competition not to put up or back door Shane or Danielle). Frank would then think he had 3 votes to keep him and only one against him. What Frank & Jenn (and the whole house) don’t realize is Dan is playing everyone. Only person Dan is 100% loyal and honest to is us the fans – by telling us what he is doing, while quietly backstabbing anyone in his path. Dan is doing it so friendly and gracefully that no one realizes that he has Final 2 deals with just about everyone left.


Since Dan has played this game before – he knows how to work and manipulate people. After winning the Veto, he knew it was in his best interest to use the Veto on Jenn – and it would make sense since she did the same for him last week. But to make it that much better for Dan, he talked with Ian, making Ian think it was his idea for Dan to use the Veto on Jenn. This way there is no suspicion that Jenn & Dan are secretly working together. Dan did just that – and Joe went up as the replacement nominee. Paranoia always runs wild in the Big Brother house – but the moves of Dan these last 2 weeks has none of the paranoia (well, as little as possible) coming back to him. This is a perfect way for Dan to get Frank out of the house this week and not have any of Frank’s blood on his hands. But I am curious to see if Dan votes to evict Frank, and force Ian to break the tie. Or if he just “votes with the house.” Frank thinks he is safe – and he is in for a rude awakening as he most likely will be walking out the door tonight.


What does this mean for Jenn? Well, she is for sure in the final 6 – has a deal with Dan & one with Danielle – but will need to win a couple more competitions the next 2 weeks if she is going to win the 1/2 million. Tonight is going to be another Double Eviction episode so by the end of the show we will have our Final 5. If you remember just 2 weeks ago – there was a double eviction episode and shit went crazy. This time, with the stakes much higher as everyone can start smelling the money – expect another insane hour on CBS. Hopefully my column next week will not be Jenn’s Big Brother funeral coverage!


Also – fans of metal & reality shows – on the upcoming season of The Amazing Race – we have James LoMenzo (White Lion, Zakk Wylde, Megadeth bassist) & Mark Abbatista (entertainment lawyer). I will be doing an exclusive weekly recap on here as long as they stay on the show. James & Mark will keep the tradition of metalheads running wild on CBS for another few months. Hopefully in the next year or so we see Ted Nugent on Survivor!



You can catch me every Tuesday on “Rants & Roars” on Superpass and get my take on all the house guests.


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