Big Brother’s Adam Poch On Jenn Arroyo – Week 7

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Adam Poch, Big Brother 13′s “Heavy Metal Teddy Bear” and known metalhead, will be recapping the week in Big Brother 14′s current season for as long as former Kittie bassist Jenn Arroyo remains on the show. As long as Jenn’s in the game, Adam will weigh in. You can also follow him on Twitter at @heavymetalteddy.




WOW – this has been one of the craziest weeks in Big Brother history – and our girl Jenn has been in the middle of one of the biggest/best moves in Big Brother history. Whether or not it helps Jenn is still to be seen, but here’s what happened.


Following last week’s chaotic Double Eviction – the lines in the sand seemed pretty clear. Frank vs. the rest of the house. But Jenn seeing her opportunity to mend fences with Frank after he won yet another Head of Household – swore to stay loyal to Frank the rest of the way. Frank has always been close to Jenn, but with the eviction of their ex-coach Mike Boogie, and the betrayal of their other ex-teammate Ian, this was a perfect opportunity for both. Frank, thinking Dan was the person who caused Boogie to leave made him public enemy number one – targeted him for eviction this week. Everything was looking good as Frank was dominating the Veto competition, but when he helped Brit during the comp – he was eliminated, and Dan was set to win the Veto and pull himself off the block. Jenn then stepped up and took the final punishment – which was going on Slop for the rest of the summer (25 days). If you have never had Slop before – TRUST me when I say – it is NASTY NASTY NASTY. It’s like cardboard flavored oatmeal. By being willing to take that punishment, this showed the whole house she was serious about being a player after not showing much game earlier in the season. It also showed them that she is on board with Frank – and he is not alone anymore.


Now – Jenn winning the Veto was perfect for Frank. He already threatened Ian if he used his Veto (which he won in a special Pandora’s Box competition) that he would replace whoever Ian took off with Brit. Having Jenn holding the other Veto – she would do whatever Frank wanted, and it seemed like nominations would remain the same. In the same Veto competition that Jenn won – Dan took a punishment of 24 hours in solitude. This was not just any solitude – it was in a room with disco lights and music playing. Dan took this opportunity to come up with a plan to save himself despite not having any power. After coming out of solitude he gathered all of the houseguests in the living room and held “Dan’s Funeral.”


For those of you that are new to Big Brother and did not see him in Season 10 when he won, this seemed very un-Dan-like. He never rolls over and dies. During his “funeral” he said something nice about everyone in the house – until it came down to Danielle. Dani was the last player left from his team at the beginning of the season, and she was on the block next to him. He told her that he will never forgive her for what she did and to never talk game to her again. This shocked all the houseguests especially Dani – who has shown to be emotionally unstable. She had no idea what she did to have Dan attack her like that. Right after the “funeral,” Dan & Frank went upstairs to talk – Dan said he wanted to read him something from the bible. The rest of the house consoled Dani – while Dan put his plan into action.


Once upstairs, Dan sold out Ian & the rest of the Quack Pack (Brit, Shane, and Dani) – and asked Frank to team up with him. He used his patented “Dan’s Mist” to sway Frank from thinking Dan was the #1 target in the house to Dan being someone who he can team up with and take to the end. It was really fascinating to watch – and I cannot do it justice in words – so look at these clips.

Funeral – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6z-9YqwLX0

Aftermath in HoH – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nf1NPEAB4ME / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9Xp3Tx7s6w / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kTTsBZz8c0 / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9U1xr4-XNw / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxDeX09IObA / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCH-a7FaMGQ


Bottom line – was Dan got Frank to convince Jenn to use the Veto on him, and form a new alliance of Frank, Dan, Jenn, and Dani – whom Dan did serious damage control and explained to her that he was sorry he had to do that to her – but it would save both of them in the game. Jenn did this move and shocked the whole house by removing Dan from the block. Frank then called out Ian for the betrayal and replaced Dan with Ian’s biggest ally Brit. Totally blindsiding her – and causing everyone to sit there with their jaws open trying to figure out what just happened.


Tonight on CBS – we will see if the plan works and Brit leaves next. Frank & Jenn are putting a lot of trust in Dan – which is good if he is honest about working with them, or could be a nail in each of their coffins as he goes back on his word and ends up screwing them over. What started as a ho-hum season at points is coming down to be one of the wildest & craziest finishes in Big Brother history. Only 20 days left before a $500K champion is crowned – Jenn is one step closer – but the roadblock named Dan could be standing in her way.

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