Big Brother 13’s Adam Poch Weighs In On Jenn Arroyo – Week 3

Posted by on August 1, 2012

Adam Poch, Big Brother 13′s “Heavy Metal Teddy Bear” and known metalhead, will be recapping the week in Big Brother 14′s current season for as long as former Kittie bassist Jenn Arroyo remains on the show. As long as Jenn’s in the game, Adam will weigh in. You can also follow him on Twitter at @heavymetalteddy.


This Thursday night – the houseguests will vote out their third player on this season of Big Brother 14. But METALHEADS will be happy to know that Jenn Arroyo will not be that person evicted. Once again, Jenn has managed to stay drama free in a house where drama reigns supreme. Unfortunately, Jenn’s biggest ally Frank (son of professional wrestler Sid Vicious) may be the one going home. As the power has been going back and forth, Jenn’s strategy of laying low has worked up to this point, but if Frank leaves, she may be in trouble. The only person left on her team would be Ian, the 21 yr old superfan / super nerd, who’s quirky personality has been seen as both adorable & creepy. Also working against her is the possibility of the returning houseguests, who up to this point have not been players but coaches, may enter the game. Then again, if the coaches return to the game, they may try hard to get out the remaining power players. Leaving Jenn, who up to this point has not been seen as a threat, safe for a little while longer.

On tonight’s episode (CBS – 8pm ET) – we will see Jenn doing what she does best and that’s performing. She was picked to host this week’s VETO competition. Its sad that up to this point, she has not had a chance to compete in any VETO competitions, because we have not seen her competitive side. But whatever it takes for her to get some camera time will be nice to her family & friends. What we probably will not see in tonight’s episode is the game of Spin the Bottle that was played on Saturday night – when the house got all sippy on booze and let loose with some crazy antics. Jenn kissed both Frank & Big Brother legend Janelle. This is why you need to subscribe to the 24/7 live feeds at http://www.real.com/superpass/bigbrother, or at least watch Showtime 2’s Big Brother After Dark. Besides the impromptu 15yr old basement party, you also can get insight on what is really going on in the house – besides the edit that CBS wants you to see.

How will Jenn’s game change if Frank leaves and if the coaches turn into players? Only one way to find out and that’s to keep watching & rooting for our Metal Goddess Jenn Arroyo!

You can catch me every Tuesday on “Rants & Roars” on Superpass and get my take on all the house guests.


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