Big Brother 13’s Adam Poch on Jenn Arroyo – Week 5

Posted by on August 16, 2012

Adam Poch, Big Brother 13′s “Heavy Metal Teddy Bear” and known metalhead, will be recapping the week in Big Brother 14′s current season for as long as former Kittie bassist Jenn Arroyo remains on the show. As long as Jenn’s in the game, Adam will weigh in. You can also follow him on Twitter at @heavymetalteddy.

*** WARNING MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS NOT YET AIRED ON CBS *** (or may not since I am late in getting this to the editor)

The summer keeps trucking along, and Jenn Arroyo keeps surviving inside the Big Brother house – one week closer to the half million dollar prize. But things are starting to get a little hairy for her and her new alliance. After last week’s eviction of fan favorite and coach turned player Janelle – Jenn formed an alliance with 2 of Janelle’s old players Wil & Ashley. Jenn’s old teammate Frank once again survived a live eviction as just like last time, he then proceeded to win HoH. Since Jenn & Frank were close early on in the game, she was not a target for Frank, but Wil was. Wil & Ashley’s other ex-teammate Joe was the only vote against Frank, so the nominations this week were easy for him to make. Wil & Joe went up on the block.

Jenn was picked to play in this week’s Veto competition, and if she won, she could have saved her new alliance member Wil. Before the veto, someone, or should I say something entered the Big Brother house. Everyone’s least favorite snarky robot – the Zingbot 3000 entered to ZING all the houseguests. Zingbot got Jenn pretty good by saying “What do Jenn & gossip magazines have in common… both are covered in bad ink… ZZZZZZZING”. Hey – I would take that over the Uncle Fester remark Zingy did to me last year! Anyway, back to the Veto competition. Sadly Jenn did not do too well in another competition and did not win the power of Veto. HoH Frank won it, marking the 3rd week in a row that the HoH was also the Veto winner. Knowing Frank had all the power this week, Wil, Ashley, and Jenn had to figure out a plan to try and save Wil from eviction this week.

The three of them came up with a plan to get Frank to replace one of the nominees with veteran player Dan. This sounded like a great idea since a) Dan was Season 10 winner b) Dan was working to get Frank evicted before the game was reset 2 weeks ago and c) removing a strong player in the house would benefit everyone. Not wanting to put herself in danger, Jenn suggested that Wil & Ashley go up and talk to Frank before the Veto meeting and see if he would consider making this move.

Frank had already thought about this before Wil & Ashley presented it to him, but in the end, Frank decided not to make this move. Nominations remained the same and tonight either Joe or Wil will be sent packing.

It’s good to see that Jenn is finally involved in game talk and understands what is going on around her. Some people wondered if she even knew how to play this game. This brings hope to those of us rooting and supporting her. While she may not be aligned with the power players in the house, she does have a clue what’s going on, and was smart enough to not let anyone else know that the plan to backdoor Dan was partially her idea. The fact that no one in the house is threatened by her also bodes well for her to get further, and let’s face it – you cannot win the game if you are not there at the end. Catch tonight’s live eviction on CBS at 9pm ET – and see if Jenn can win her first Head of Household. GO TEAM JENN!!!

Oh – one thing that pissed me off about Jenn last night on Big Brother After Dark (Showtime 2’s live look in the house every night from midnight to 3 am eastern time), the houseguests were playing the alphabet game – where you have a subject and go around in a circle letter by letter saying something that has to do with that subject. The first round was bands. This should have been so easy for Jenn. The first letter she got was “I” – and she sat there stumped for a bit… HELLO JENN!!! IRON MAIDEN?!?!!??!?!?! ICED EARTH??!?!? IN FLAMES?!?!?!? When she finally said a band she said Indigo Girls. WTF? The next one she was stumped on was R…. once again c’mon RUSH, RAINBOW, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE… no – she said Replacements. Ok – good band, but c’mon girl – bring the metal!!!




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