Trent Reznor hints at upcoming Beats feature

Posted by on November 3, 2014

Trent Reznor hinted at something new on the horizon with Beats Audio, the streaming service the Apple recently acquired. Reznor, the chief creative officer of the streaming music service, came off the road recently and in a recent interview with Billboard spoke of his involvement with Beats and Apple.

“Beats was bought by Apple, and they expressed direct interest in me designing some products with them. I can’t go into details, but I feel like I’m in a unique position where I could be of benefit to them. That does mean some compromises in terms of how much brain power goes toward music and creating. This is very creative work that’s not directly making music, but it’s around music.”

Reznor went on to explain that the new endeavor is actually related to music delivery.

“It’s in that world. It’s exciting to me, and I think it could have a big enough impact that it’s worth the effort. I’m fully in it right now, and it’s challenging, and it’s unfamiliar and it’s kind of everything I asked for — and the bad thing is it’s everything I asked for.”

Though the 50 year old Reznor has qualms with some streaming music services, he’s been a fan of streaming and digital music for some time.

“I am on the side of streaming music, and I think the right streaming service could solve everybody’s problems. Ownership is waning. Everybody is comfortable with the cloud — your documents, who knows where they are? They are there when you need them. That idea that I’ve got my records on the shelf doesn’t feel as important even to me as it used to. I just think we haven’t quitehit the right formula yet.”


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