New audio cable from Gibson records everything you play

Posted by on April 24, 2014


Any guitar player has definitely had at least one time where he/she came up with a kickass riff while jamming only to forget it later. Gibson has chosen to address this issue with a new product dubbed the Gibson Memory Cable. Powered by Tascam, this cable does pretty much what you’d expect it to do; it works as a regular cable but can be set to automatically record everything you play onto a 4 GB microSD card. It’s supposedly easy to use, necessitating only the microSD card (which is included) and a AA battery that will last or eight hours, and even after it dies it’ll still function like a regular cable. There’s a continuous recording mode that records everything the moment the cable is activated or an automatic mode that only records when there’s a signal.

The cable will be available May 15 for $100, which is pricey for a guitar cable that might sound easier to use than it really is. Still, it’s a neat idea that could  be handy for guitarists/bassists who aren’t good at remembering that kickass riff.


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