Marshall gets into the smartphone market

Posted by on July 16, 2015

When you think of amplifiers, Marshall is probably the first word that comes to mind. However, following their headphones (and fridge), it’s apparent the company doesn’t feel like staying in the amplifier business only and has announced their introduction into the smartphone world with their new Marshall London. The device, targeted to a more music-oriented consumer, will run a custom version of Android Lollipop operating system and will focus its processor on audio performance, including reproduction of uncompressed FLAC audio files, dedicated knobs and buttons for the music UI, a five band graphic equalizer and two headphone jacks, aside from the other features like Micro-SD  expansion and a removable lithium ion battery.

Right now, the phone is only available in Sweden for pre-order and is expected to be delivered by August 17th and there’s no word as of when will the product be released in the US but we can safely assume that it’ll happen soon after its release in Europe. [Update: it’s coming on August 21, and at $590, it ain’t cheap, but that’s without a mobile company to subsidize the cost]

If you want to ditch your iPhone and get one of these, take a look at the specs below and simply get it because you have an iPhone and that’s enough reason to start looking at another alternatives *cough*androidFTW*cough*

Marshall Phone Specs


[ via Wired]

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