Heavy metal iPhone users unite, Keyluminati presents the Heavy Metal Emoji Keyboard. The HMEK is exactly what it sounds like, a emoji keyboard designed specifically for the most metal of texting needs, like responding to your religious aunt’s Easter invitation with a pentagram and 666 emoji. The set of 175 images was created by Nashville concert promoter Mark Mosley alongside graphic designer Ryan Clark of the Seattle based design company, Invisible Creature (and also Demon Hunter).

If you like what you see, there is more good news coming. According to the company, “there are plenty more heavy metal emojis headed for the keyboard, including expansion packs personally overseen by some of the greatest metal bands on the scene today.” I don’t know about you, but there are just some things that images of Iron Maiden’s Eddie can get across that words simply can’t.

HMEK is available for download right now in the Apple App Store here.

They claim that “HMEK is the ONLY emoji keyboard designed exclusively for heavy metal music fans,” however they must have missed the Zakk Wylde emoji keyboard released last month.

How do you feel about that emoji Zakk Wylde?





Yeah, that’s what I expected.