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Video: Megadeth Release Good Video For Bad Song

Posted by on July 3, 2013

Despite the buzz about Megadeth’s 14th album, Supercollider, it’s actually a pretty solid album. (check out “The Blackest Crow” for an interesting left turn). Releasing the title track as the first single probably threw a lot of people off the rest of the album. The poppiest song they’ve released since their pandering album Risk, “Supercollider” is definitely […]

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We’ve Taken Over Metal On Vevo!

Posted by on February 15, 2013

Metal On Vevo is essentially your one stop shop for heavy metal music videos online. And starting today, we’ve taken complete control over it! Well, not complete control, per se. For the entire weekend, Metal On Vevo’s main page will feature a playlist of ten videos from a few of our favorite group. That includes […]

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Are Payments For Streaming Starting To Turn Around?

Posted by on November 28, 2012

The new musical landscape is changing almost daily for artists. Just last week, we wrote about how songwriters aren’t making a ton of cash from streaming services, and a sobering article about how indie band Grizzly Bear – with a #7 album and headlining Radio City Music Hall – still struggles to make ends meet is […]

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Facebook Announces Music Integration With Spotify And Other Music Services

Posted by on September 22, 2011

Talk of Facebook launching a “music dashboard” has been going around the web since June of this year. Today, though, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the social network’s plan for music integration during the social network’s f8 developer conference in San Francisco earlier today. Facebook will be teaming up with music companies like Spotify, Turntable.fm, […]

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Nielsen, Midem Report States The Obvious: Fans Consume Music, But Don’t Pay For It

Posted by on January 13, 2011

Nielsen Music and Midem recently released a new report analyzing music fans’ consumption and interaction with music digitally and through mobile apps within the past 3 months. Their survey findings show that while there are many opportunities to capitalize through multiple channels, there are also many risks. The report highlights how the advancements of new online […]

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You Might Want Your MTV, But Universal Doesn’t

Posted by on August 9, 2010

So even MTV.com isn’t playing music videos anymore? Well, they still are, just not music from the world’s largest label group. CNet.com is reporting that MTV’s website will no longer be streaming videos from Universal after negotiations with UMG about financial agreements went downhill.  “MTV has been unwilling to negotiate a fair syndication deal with Vevo […]

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