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Teens react to Marilyn Manson

Posted by on March 3, 2017

Marilyn Manson’s music, appearance and videos are historically known to shock and surprise viewers. Therefore, we weren’t surprised when we saw the video of Marilyn Manson beheading a Trump lookalike as a teaser for a song on his next album. The biggest shock for us was finding out Say10 didn’t release on the alleged Valentine’s day […]

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Spoiler alert: old people don’t like System of a Down

Posted by on October 26, 2016

  It’s been over a decade since System of a Down have released an album, but if you’re an older person, you were only middle-aged when they released Hypnotize. That doesn’t mean that the fine people in the latest Fine Brothers Entertainment installment of “Elders React To…” series have heard of them. As frenetic as SOAD are, […]

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