Members Of Slayer, Exodus, Amen And More Form Supergroup With Producer Ross Robinson

Posted by on January 3, 2013

Producer Ross Robinson has been in the press lately for his potential collaboration with Behemoth. As it turns out, though, Robinson has been working on a considerably more high-profile project, one that involves Slayer’s Dave Lombardo and Exodus’ Gary Holt.

In an exclusive with Noisecreep, it was revealed that Lombardo and Holt have been working on a new project with Amen vocalist Casey Chaos and former Queens Of The Stone Age/Kyuss bassist Nick Oliveri. The group held a pre-Christmas-week recording session at Robinson’s Venice, Calif. home studio, and supposedly Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo even stopped by (though his involvement is still up in the air). “It’s a real live vibe, all of us out there in the room going for it, including Ross out there in the room, reaching over and doing slides on my guitar for me, punching in the air and inspiring us all to really push it,” Holt explained to Noisecreep.

Unsurprisingly, the collaboration came out of Holt and Lombardo’s time touring in Slayer these past few years (Holt has been filling in for guitarist Jeff Hanneman). How exactly Chaos and Oliveri became involved isn’t exactly clear (and random). While the group is still nameless, we do know that the recordings will be used for a documentary about The House Of Shock, the New Orleans haunted house founded by Philip Anselmo.

But what does this supergroup sound like? Well according to Holt, the one song they recorded during Noisecreep’s visit to the studio sounds like “a combination of all of our bands with Discharge and The Exploited and GBH on it… Really, really punk. Super crunchy and super brutal. It just came together so naturally. There’s a beat and a riff and Casey starts spewing some venom on top of it. It’s awesome!”

In case you still doubt that this supergroup actually exists (even though the picture above makes it look pretty legit), Noisecreep also has video of Lombardo recording drums. Watch the video for yourself after the jump.

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