Spotify Playlist: Tetarch’s Diamond Rowe’s dream festival lineup

Posted by on September 7, 2017


Currently on the road with DevilDriver, 36 Crazyfists, Cane Hill and Uncured, Tetrarch’s forthcoming album Freak will be out on September 29th, and can be preordered now. The band’s guitarist Diamond Rowe gave us a list of what she referred to as “My Nostalgic Dream Festival Lineup.” It’s a pretty diverse lineup of bands, which for one reason (band not touring) or another (death of a band member) will never happen. However, if you want to see Tetrarch live, you’re in luck. Check out the remaining show dates at the conclusion of Rowe’s list.



System of a Down, “Toxicity” 

Toxicity was one of the first albums that I ever bought as a heavy music fan and the title track on that record did and still has one of the heaviest guitar tones that I have ever heard. System of a Down was such a heavy hitting band and still so different. They will always be one of the pioneers of this music. 


Korn, “Falling Away From Me”

Considering that Korn is in my top two all-time favorite bands, it only makes sense that I include them in my dream festival lineup. They’re such an amazing live band and always put on a flawless performance. It’s really hard for me to pick one band but you just can’t go wrong with this Korn classic. 


Metallica, “Battery” 

Metallica is my all-time favorite band so obviously they would headline this festival. The first time I saw them live was 2003 at Summer Sanitarium and they opened with “Battery.” I remember the chills I got when the intro started. It’s such an amazing and energetic song and still one of my favorites off of the Master of Puppets record.


Gojira, “Stranded” 

I have been a HUGE Gojira fan since their From Mars To Sirius record. I was only 15 when that album dropped but they’re such a heavy band and everything about them is so atmospheric and huge – live and on albums. They’re all incredibly good musicians too. “Stranded” is probably one of their more mainstream songs from their new record but it really shows the versatility of this band and what they’re capable of. They would absolutely be a part of my dream festival lineup. 


Deftones, “Poltergeist”

Deftones are one of those bands that I didn’t start to appreciate until I got a little older. I think I was around 19 when I actually started realized how good they were and why everyone liked them so much. Their songs are so moody and that’s exactly why I picked “Poltergeist” from their Koi No Yokan album. The chorus of this song is flawless and always takes me to another planet in my mental state. 


Linkin Park, “Lying From You” 

As they say, Linkin Park is for sure a gateway metal band for a lot of kids. Including myself, they are the band that get a lot of kids into the heavy music world and they do it so well by blending pop metal choruses and with hip hop and heavy elements. “Lying From You” is a great song off of Meteora and has a phenomenal chorus. They always did a great job pulling it off perfect live every time I saw them as well. Losing Chester Bennington is a huge loss because his voice is the sound of my generation – so to share that moment again with them on a huge festival would be unmatched. 


Tetrarch, “Freak” 

“Freak” is the title track off of our upcoming debut record. It definitely grooves a little while still being heavy and catchy. It seems to be a crowd favorite and it only makes sense that we add it to this playlist.


Ded, “Anti-everything” 

Ded is a great new band that’s taking the rock world by storm right now. They’re really mixing a lot of 2000s metal elements with some modern influences and coming up with a great sound. It very reminiscent of the bands that got me into heavy music which is why I love them. Great dudes as well. “Anti-everything” has been at the top of so many charts the last few months and really killing the radio game. So proud of those dudes. 


Slipknot, “Left Behind” 

What can I say about Slipknot? Haha! I mean, they’re perfect. Perfect live show, perfect songs, perfect records, great musicians – there’s just not enough good to say about them. I remember watching the “Left Behind” video in the library of the private school I went to when I was like 14 and FREAKING OUT all of my teachers, haha. I loved it. Iowa is a fantastic record and no metal festival is perfect with the mighty ‘knot.


Cane Hill, “Fountain of Youth” 

Cane Hill is another new band that is killing the game right now. Just like Ded, they are very much influenced by a lot of earlier nu-metal and hard rock bands that pioneered heavy music. Their song “Fountain of Youth” sounds like a heavier white Zombie/Rob Zombie Track and it hits really hard. We are currently on tour with them and they’re a lot of fun to watch. Definitely another new band that I would add to the lineup of this fest. 


Lamb of God, “Walk With Me in Hell” 

Lamb of God is just perfect. Heavy all the time. When I bought the Sacrament record and heard “Walk with Me in Hell,” I was blown away. That song is so angry and heavy. Not to mention Randy Blythe is one of the best frontmen in metal/rock and puts on a great show. One of my all-time favorite bands for sure. Can’t really beat ‘em in the metal world. 


9/7: Louisville, KY @ Trixie’s Entertainment Complex
9/8: Dayton, OH @ Oddbodys
9/9: Clarksville, TN @ The Warehouse – TN
9/13: Knoxville, TN @ The Concourse (at The International)
9/14: Virginia Beach, VA @ Shaka’s
9/15: Jacksonville, NC @ Hooligan’s Music Hall
9/20: Houston, TX @ Scout Bar
9/21: Dallas, TX @ Gas Monkey Live
9/22: Lubbock, TX @ Jake’s Backroom

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