Suffocation Bassist Comments On Mike Smith’s Departure

Posted by on March 27, 2012

Drummer Mike Smith had some less than kind words to say about his former bandmates in Suffocation. However, bassist Derek Boyer is making it clear that the band is taking the high road.

When asked by Metal Discovery whether the band felt that Smith’s departure was (as he put it) “inevitable,” Boyer said the following:

“You know, deep down we love the guy and we just kind of had a different direction in mind and it was nothing personal…I mean, for me personally, nothing personal. It was more we wanted to go full steam ahead and he kind of wanted to do it a different way. And nothing wrong with his way, but his way didn’t work with the way we were trying to move. We wanted to do more work and it just wasn’t the right time today. But still respect for him; a lot of respect and that’s that.”

In response to Smith’s high criticism towards the band recently, Boyer added:

“We’re really not trying to defame anyone. He’s speaking his perspective and we’re just trying to be professional and move forward and that’s pretty much the deal.”

Boyer also reassured that Suffocation is not over, and that they’ve already finished pre-production on the new album. So while the drama surrounding Smith’s exit may not come to an end that soon, Boyer makes it clear that Suffocation’s focus is on the future.

You can read Boyer’s entire interview with Metal Discovery online, while SickDrummer.com’s interview with Smith’s replacement Dave Culross has been posted online as well.

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