Earlier this morning, singer Peter Dolving revealed in a posting on his Facebook account that he has left The Haunted. The Swedish metal group has yet to release a statement about the news. And though he does not disclose any reasons behind the sudden departure, Dolving makes it clear that he’s officially out.

Here’s what the singer had to say in his Facebook post:

“I am officially quitting The Haunted. After years of working with the band, I am out. I have had it. I will NOT answer questions to why. It’s no one elses business. Thank you very much. I am looking forward to seeing you people at other shows with other projects.”

Granted, The Haunted are no strangers to lineup changes. In fact, this marks the second time that Dolving has left the group. The singer first parted ways with The Haunted in 1998, just one year after first joining and recording their self-titled debut, only to return in 2003 and appearing on the band’s last four studio albums. Still, whoever replaces Dolving will have some pretty big shoes to fill.