scar the martyrBefore the end of 2013, Slipknot announced they had parted ways with Joey Jordison. While the drummer has since made it clear that the split wasn’t his choice, he’s now faced with a lineup shakeup in his own group Scar The Martyr, as singer Henry Derek has called it quits.

Derek announced that he was leaving Scar The Martyr via the following statement posted on Facebook:

“I’m officially parting ways with Scar The Martyr due to personal differences, artistic direction, business decisions, etc, etc. I’ve given it a year of my life and now it’s time to move on. Many thanks to all of the fans & friends that have shown their support. Furthermore, I will continue making music in many forms as well as pursuing a new band with King (God Seed) & Jeff Friedl (A Perfect Circle) My very best wishes to STM and their future success.”

The singer left it rather vague as to what “personal differences, artistic direction, business decisions,” and such led him to leave Scar The Martyr. It’s also rather surprising to hear since Jordison was very vocal about Derek being a major influence in Scar The Martyr, telling us “… once I knew I was going to do the record, I had to find a vocalist first. That’s how I got in touch with Henry Derek, through a mutual friend of mine. He recommended Henry, and I sent Henry a bunch of songs…  And he sent a couple back and I was auditioning a bunch of singers at the time, and I was like, ‘Fuck, that is the sound!’ And once I had Henry, once I knew I had the vocalist locked in, that’s when I knew, ‘Okay, it’s time to pursue other people.’”

As of now, no one from the Scar The Martyr camp (including Jordison) has commented on Derek’s announcement. What this means for Scar The Martyr’s future also remains to be seen, though chances of Jordison not at least attempting to find a new singer seem slim.