NYHC mainstays Merauder to break up

Posted by on January 8, 2016

After 20 years, longtime New York hardcore band Merauder appear to be calling it quits. In a posting on his Facebook page last night, frontman Jorge Rosado said he was moving on and focusing on his other band, Akani. Blaming the attitude of the hardcore scene, both old and new bands. The band plan on playing some final shows this year before calling it quits. Here’s his (typo-ridden) post:

This is one if the hardest things im about to do…ive been thinkin about this for a while.. And im pretty much 100% on this,,, like i said before time for new things. Nothing against any of my fans for your da reason ive lasted so long. But i hate da industry full of fake motherfuckers n which is now also da attitude of some of da old n new bands. Plus ive been doin merauder for to long time to end it. Only one merauder n its da one ive created n brought to a level dat others couldnt. Im sick of da haters of who suck their own dicks fo da half ass shit they do. And sucking hard for they most likely have da tiniest dick.lol! To much Rock Star bullshit!! Its not needed or was ever apart of underground music n especially in Hardcore!! Well its all new age shit u can either follow dat shit to nowhere or do your research n do it da way it was. And bring it back but i dont see dat ever happening. So dats why im startin fresh with Akani n if u supported me for what i did in merauder then u wont be dissapointed when u hear Akani. But i thank everyone from da bottom of my heart for all da support n great times we shared on n off stage. You guys are my life n are everything i am today. Thank you thank you but im not out!!!just starten a new n hopefully yah will enjoy it! Love yah!! …. Oh its also our 20th yr anniversary this year so all da show we do will be our last ones definitly..

Forming in 1990, Merauder’s first proper release, Master Killer, was released in 1996. The band’s last album, God Is I, was released 2009. In a subsequent post, Rosado said that he’d like to work on a documentary, asking for recommendations of people that make films and might be familiar with the band. So at least the band’s properly going to be saying goodbye.

[h/t Jeremy Saffer]


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