Keyboardist Clarifies Split With The Devil Wears Prada

Posted by on March 1, 2012

When The Devil Wears Prada announced that they had parted ways with keyboardist James Baney, it seemed like both parties left on good terms. As it turns out, though, it might not have been as amicable of a split as we thought.

In a series of tweets posted earlier today, Baney had the following to say about his recent departure:

 “While I appreciate the support, one thing should be cleared up. Leaving the band was not actually my decision. The other members extended their prayers to my wife and I, however, she was not a factor in the process at all. I felt it necessary to deliver her from any prejudice surrounding the departure…but to also clarify that I have no intentions necessarily of staying home for future work. Thanks again for all the continued support.”

Previous reports had claimed The Devil Wears Prada parted ways with the keyboardist so he could spend time with his wife and family. Baney’s tweets, though, make it pretty clear that his family and home life had nothing to do with the split. However, the exact reasoning behind his departure is still unclear. It’s also still unknown as to who will fill in on keyboards during The Devil Wears Prada’s upcoming tour with Every Time I Die or for Mayhem Fest. With so many questions still left unanswered, we’re sure this won’t be the last we hear of this situation.

[picture via Alex Ramon]

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