Benediction have announced vocalist Dave Hunt will leave the band after the group’s scheduled shows in Germany and the Czech Republic this coming July. Hunt joined the group in 1998 and worked on 2001’s Organised Chaos and 2008’s Killing Music. Hunt decided to leave the band due to his commitments to both Anaal Nathrakh and PhD Studies.

Dave explained:

With the writing for the new Benediction album almost complete, it sadly became clear that it would be impossible for me to give Benediction the full commitment it so richly deserves, for the album, the release and the inevitable shows and other events around it in the future. To me, Benediction is more than a band, more than a bunch of brothers I never had, more than one of the most important things in my life for half the time I’ve been on the planet. It is an institution. And I genuinely believe it’s in an incredibly strong place, especially with the new material. There are great things ahead for Benediction, and although I’m gutted I can’t be part of them, the guys have my total respect, affection and support.”

The group have started working with Hunt’s replacement and already completed writing a number of vocal tracks for their new album. The band has decided to keep the identity of Hunt’s replacement private for the time being. Dave will continue with the group’s booked shows between now and July, which includes this year’s Maryland Deathfest

Benediction expressed their gratitude on Hunt’s work over the last twenty-one years as they commented:

“Much respect and many thanks mate.”