When we had the chance to speak with him back in 2010, Philip Anselmo revealed that he was in the early stages of putting together a solo project. Since then, though, the former Pantera singer hasn’t talked much about his solo plans. And rightfully so, as he’s be rather busy with Down and other projects like Arson Anthem. However, thanks to a tweet made yesterday by eyehategod/ Arson Anthem singer Mike Williams, it now appears that Anselmo is getting back to work on solo material.

Williams, who actually resides on Anselmo’s 17-acre property in rural south Louisiana, tweeted the following yesterday:

“Listening to some guy Phil Anselmo’s new solo band practice 20 feet from my bedroom and all I can say is you folks are in for a real treat!!”

Chances are, though, that Anselmo’s solo plans will depend on Down’s schedule, with the band planning to release the first in a series of four EPs soon. Still, it may not be too long till we get our first listen of Anselmo’s material, which he told us in 2010 was “aggressive as a motherfucker.”