Of all the social networks out there, the last one to really havea really  significant music presence was MySpace. Many bands both big and small opted to have MySpace pages instead of web pages, which of course backfired on them when everyone moved on to Facebook.  And while the overall hugeness of Facebook has led to just about every band having a Facebook profile as well, other networks have tried and failed. Twitter launched it’s standalone music app, #music. last year, and everyone decided they didn’t care. Now Instagram is getting in the game with @music.

As Billboard reports, it’s the Facebook-owned company’s first content vertical and portal for highlighting artists. The article states that of the 300 million users active on Instagram that more than 25% of the app’s top accounts are musicians. What exactly @music hopes to achieve has yet to be seen. It’s content will be overseen by Jonathan Hull, head of strategic partnerships/music for Facebook and Instagram and Alex Suskind, Instagram’s music editor. the account aims to host 11 series and six posts aw week from Tuesday to Sunday. It’s three posts so far are the announcement, one from Questlove, and one about a Japanese math rock trio, Ikkyu Nakahima. It’s interesting to see that they plan on concentrating on not just the biggest artists, but new and developing artists worldwide. What the account means for metal artists, or how successful a music account on a photo-sharing app in general will turn out to be is something we’ll have to watch.