draimanwingmanSocial media is used everwhere. From computers to tablets to even phones, the majority of the world can be reached by a few clicks.  Disturbed/Device frontman David Draiman has found a way to improve,  or rather transcend, our already-immediate means  of communication. His idea? An app called Wingman. While we’ve been reading through a multitude of text, however, it’s hard to find anything that tells us what “Wingman” actually does.

His interview with Fox Business tells us nothing other than what we already know. And despite the best efforts to find any shred of clarity in the matter, there’s not much there.

We have Twitter, Facebook, Reddit etc, and unless you can improve on something by violating somebody’s personal privacy, it’s hard to see how anyone will be able to improve on the already seemingly flawless networking tools we have available.

Without being too negative, it seems like an interesting idea. But how can you possibly improve on something like Facebook? Add a dislike button?  We’ve seen introductions to the social networking world like Google + fail to take off so far, and that’s Google we’re talking about. So what’s so special about Wingman? Thanks to the theprp, we’re able to share some semblance of what Draiman has told the media about his pet project:

“We are surrounded by so much data, so much technology that we throw on our social media pages. It is a social network of sorts, that also blends location based services. It’s a means of finding whomever you’re looking for whatever purpose you’re searching for them for.”

As revealing as that is (it isn’t), the question remains: What’s so special about Wingman? It doesn’t seem like anybody’s quite sure of that yet. But with a slogan like, “A Light Inside The Digital Darkness” and a name like Wingman, who knows what we’re in store for?