[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_sGYv9Ot1E&feature=player_embedded[/youtube]If you were like most of the people that went to a movie theater to see the Big Four performance in late June (or the encore on July 1), you were blown away by Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax all getting onstage towards the end of the concert/screening to play an epic cover of Diamond Head’s “Am I Evil?” Then midway through, you were like “wait a minute, where the hell’s Slayer?” Actually Dave Lombardo wound up onstage for the jam, but he was the only member of the band to make his way up there. Dave has given an explanation to french zine Muzikuniverse – Slayer don’t know how to play anything but their own music.

“I’m the only one who knows how to jam and have a good time! The other guys, they don’t do that kind of thing. They just know their music when it’s written and that’s it — they don’t know how to go up and improvise and enjoy themselves. Jeff does a little bit, but not the other guys.”

Interesting. On the one hand, they could have just gone out there and pretended they were playing, since it’s not like every instrument was cranked up (or let’s be honest, even plugged in). On the other, that would make them posers, and we all know Slayer aren’t posers. Either way, I can’t play guitar, but if you handed me a guitar, I think I’d be able tolearn at least the rhythm guitar to “Am I Evil” in about an hour. Especially if I knew the world was watching and it was a part of history.

[via Blabbermouth]