Veil of Maya’s Van And Trailer Stolen

Posted by on April 1, 2011

Touring’s a bitch. If the nonstop driving and wear and tear of being in a van with four or five guys for 18 hours a day isn’t enough, there’s shady promoters,  nights blending into days, and the possibility of getting into an accident as a result of those nights blending into days. Add to that, every now and then, some douchebag decides to steal your van and trailer, like what just happened to Veil of Maya in Chicago. “Our van and trailer was stolen last night in Wicker Park, Chicago, IL,” reads a post on their Facebook page. “Please keep a look out for our 98 White Ford 15 passenger van with the trailer shown attached to it. Please call Chicago police if you happen to see it.”

That really sucks. I’d assume it means that their instruments were in the trailer as well. And it’s not even a nice van. If you check the picture, there’s either rust or a shit stain on it. Whatever dick decided to jack their van probably only wants it for what’s in the trailer, so they’d be smart to check pawn shops in the area as well. At least the trailer’s already got graffiti on it. Maybe whoever stole it will tag it with “Honky Lips,” as that’s been known to happen in Chicago…  If there’s any silver lining, it’s the the band weren’t on tour, so at least they’re not going to lose out on playing any shows.


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