We’ve read studies that connect loud music to hearing-loss (duh) and even depression. However, according to a study recently published by the journal Pediatrics, there’s also a correlation between loud music and pot smoking and unsafe sex.

Conducted by researchers in Rotterdam, Netherlands, the study is based on results collected from 944 low-income students (15-25 years old, average age being 18) at two vocational schools in the Netherlands. The study found that compared to “responsible” music listeners, those listening to digital music players with ear buds are more likely to smoke cannabis and cigarettes, as well as have sex without using a condom. In addition, researchers concluded that those who attend concerts and clubs regularly are more likely to binge drink (consuming five or more drinks in a row) in addition to smoking cigarettes and having unsafe sex. Interestingly, though, 43% of those who listen to live music are less likely to smoke pot.

It should be noted, though, that this study is merely reporting on correlation between these activities, not that music causes new or riskier behavior. “A discotheque or pop concert could not only be a place where hearing protection is provided, but also where condoms are provided. In addition, inhibiting cues could be provided by posters with warnings against alcohol abuse and unsafe sex at discotheque entrances or by printing messages on admission tickets,” the study suggests in its discussion section (page 1101). Does this particular study somewhat promote a stereotype of music listeners and concert goers. We’d say so. But would it hurt to promote safe sex and warnings for alcohol consumption via posters or even messages on tickets? Why not?

You can read the entire study, featured in the journal Pediatrics, online.

[via The LA Times]