Amplified: Bad Guys got you a big, romantic bouquet of riffs

Posted by on February 13, 2015

Who says romance is dead? Love is in the air, and being a chivalrous bunch of dudes over here at Metal Insider, (and hits with the ladies, naturally!) we’re happy to get the word out that London’s own Bad Guys aren’t so bad after all, and are serving up a big, romantic bouquet of fuzzy riffs for the rest of you – they’re just thoughtful like that. What could be more romantic than…gynecology? Wait, that’s not quite right. GUYnaecology, more like, with their upcoming record, Bad Guynaecology. Couldn’t make this up if I tried, folks. All this absurdity wouldn’t matter much if the band wasn’t any good, of course, so it’s a good thing that Bad Guys are an absolute fuzz-fest. Awesomely sleazy, grimy, drugged-out rock and roll in the vein of Orange Goblin, or Motorhead on muscle relaxers. Not so gentle, but at a medium pace nonetheless. If that’s not your idea of a good time this Valentine’s day, well, just hug that pillow tighter and it’ll all be over soon. Besides, just look at that cover art – look at it! You know that guy’s just got one thing on his mind; and it’s so wrong, but so right.

Stream “Crimes” below, courtesy of The Quietus, and keep a lookout for Bad Guynaecology on March 13th. If that’s just too much of a tease, their entire first self-titled record is up for streaming on Bandcamp.


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